Wonderful weather in Acapulco!

Season Time Of Year Temperature (Max) Humidity Other
Dry Season November to April 30°C to 32°C Moderate 10°C cooler at night
Rainy Season May to October 31°C to 34°C High Rains upto 3 times a week

Current weather in Acapulco

Acapulco is blessed with year round good weather, is almost always sunny, hot and humid. The seasons are split into the dry season and the rainy season. The hottest month is July, with August and September having the heaviest rainfall.

When to go - Most people from abroad go in the peak season, which runs from December through to April. Mexicans however visit Acapulco all year round, with the school holidays being busier. If you plan to go in the rainy season, remember to take a small umbrella with you. The rain can last from anything between a couple of hours to a whole day if there is a tropical storm.

What to pack:

  • Something light and easy to wear during the day
  • Sandals or trainers to wear during the day
  • Clothes for swimming at the beach and in the swimming pools
  • Casual clothes for early evening wear
  • Smart clothes and footwear for going to the more upmarket places at night